How to become an expatriate? Here’s what you need to know.

How to become an expat– what you need to know 

Leaving the comfort of living in our own country is never easy, but it is certainly worth it. Moving abroad changes our worldview and opens doors to unknown horizons that deserve to be discovered.   Today, we live in a highly connected world, and becoming an expatriate is an increasingly common idea among people. However, it […]

The best places to live as an expat in Mexico

The best places to live as an expat in Mexico

Mexico stands out for the warmth of its people, its beautiful landscapes, and the diverse cultures that compose it. On top of that, living in this country is not expensive since services, entertainment, and transportation are cheaper than in other countries. For this reason, many foreigners decide to visit and even stay in “the navel […]

The best countries to get a digital nomad visa 

Best countries to get a digital nomad visa

Working long-distance while traveling is already a reality. There are many destinations for digital nomads that make it easy for those who want to generate income while exploring new places.    However, working in another country, even remotely, requires special permission. For this reason, some nations offer digital nomad visas, which grant travelers to spend longer stays in their […]

Everything you need to know about financial planning for expats.

Financial planning for expats

Many people are daring to explore the world and often take their work with them. However, living abroad has financial implications that need to be considered.     It is a fact that expats finance become more difficult when living far away from their home countries, so good financial planning is a must. In this article we […]

Best places to visit in Mexico City

The best places to visit in Mexico City

Mexico is a country with great cultural diversity, coupled with its vast natural and historical wealth. Its exquisite cuisine has gained international recognition and its geographical location makes it a destination with an extraordinary climate. In addition, there are many tourist attractions in Mexico that make it a very attractive country.  Mexico City is the […]

What is one of the cheapest countries to live in Western Europe.

Portugal is considered one of the cheapest countries to live in Western Europe. Living expenses are much lower than in the U.S. On average, compared to life back in the U.S. here is a breakdown of average family expenses. A typical lunch can run about $16 per person. A glass of wine costs an extra […]