The 5 (+1) best cities to celebrate Halloween.

Best 5 cities to celebrate Halloween as an expat

Have you ever wondered where the best places to spend Halloween Eve are? The 5 (+1) best cities to celebrate Halloween  Probably not.  There are five cities you should definitely check out for their Halloween celebration if you happen to live there. Even if you’ve been an expat for some years now, or if you’ve […]

Doing business in US: social tips and tricks to be as American as possible

You’ve already established your company in the United States: you’ve chosen a state in which to register the brand, you have all your taxes on track, you’ve got a Registered Agent, you already have the EIN, and you’ve probably opened your bank account (and if not, you definitely should). You have all the details and […]

Three main advice to doing business in the US: How to avoid legal mistakes

Business in the USA

Let’s face it: the United States and doing business sound almost like synonyms.  The US is considered to be the cradle of entrepreneurship and a place where innovation is encouraged at every level of education: from nursery school to Colleges all over the country. Considering all this, it is fairly understandable that you may be […]

7 Financial Mistakes to avoid as Expats

7 deadly financial mistake to avoid as expats

You are already settled and ready to go, but now the “fine print” regarding financial actions has arrived and this might be the hardest part. Or at least the part where a lot of small mistakes can be made and the aftermath acts on your money. These are the 7 financial mistakes to avoid as […]

4 things you should consider before “Xpating”

Things you should consider before “Xpating”

In the beginning, there was… Excitement? Anxiety? Thrill? Happiness? Sadness? Maybe all of those feelings and more? These are the 4 things to consider before travelling abroad Beginning a new chapter somewhere new is a challenge for everyone. Having almost no idea of how it’s going to be and what to expect. Before going to […]