Immediate credit passporting for expats and digital nomads
November 29, 2021
Immediate credit passporting for expats and digital nomads

Cristina Fuertes

If it’s your first time overseas you may not know what credit passporting is and why it is important for your new life as an expat. Immediate credit passporting for expats and digital nomads

You can check more in detail about credit history as an expat in this article. But, to summarize: at some point (probably sooner than later) you will want to have access to credit. And that is when credit history makes its appearance. 

How does credit passporting (usually) work abroad? Immediate credit passporting for expats and digital nomads

The usual process when you move abroad and need to have access to consumer credit is tedious: you need to build your credit record from scratch. This means that you can have some administrative headaches and certain difficulties to face when setting yourself up in the new country.

You can check some tips on how to build your credit record from square one as an expat or… you can choose to try our new credit passporting technology (W.I.P! we are building it. If you’d like to be a part of it and have free access to it, sign up for priority access here) , so that you don’t have to rebuild your trust.

How can Xpats Digital help you with your credit history? 


How about saving you five years’ time? 

Yes, that’s the amount of time usually needed to build a new credit history equivalent to what you used to have in your country of origin. 

It is fair to assure that you will save all that time by trusting Xpats Digital to prove your creditworthiness abroad. 

Besides, you will also be able to access some of the financial services even before you set your foot in the destination country. Thanks to the credit audit process we will be building that will enable you to get some paper and admin work done before you move to the destination country.

How does Xpats Digital guarantee your creditworthiness?

Immediate credit passporting for expats and digital nomads

Xpats Digital works as a bureau, it accesses your raw international data shared with Xpats such as tradelines, your payment history, inquiries and credit score; and translates it to the equivalent credit records in your new country. 

In just a few days your credit records are available to banks and service agencies in your new country, so that they can make an informed decision and give you access to consumer credit (whether it’s “just” a credit card, a loan or even a mortgage). 

How is it technologically possible for Xpats Digital to give credit passport?


To explain this in the simplest way, by using our platform to make transaction and avail services, you build a global credit score with Xpats. This credit-worthiness is then used to enable you to enjoy even more credit score-centric services such as loans, real estates, assets etc. with our partner service providers across the globe.

We partner with the most reputed processing and banking services to create the best expat service there is in the world.

What services can you access as an expat with credit passporting?


The services you can access once you have a credit record in your new country are both financial and non financial. 

As for the financial services, you will gain access to direct debits, credit cards, consumer credit (such as buying your furniture, a new TV or even a bike), loans or mortgages. 

And you will also be able to access some non financial services such as renting an apartment, some transport services or other services that do a first check on your credit record to decide if they grant you the service on your credit record. 

Profiles that can benefit from credit passporting by Xpats Digital

There are some profiles that can benefit hugely from the advantage of having access to credit: 

  • Students that leave their countries to have an experience abroad. From Erasmus students, to people that study an MBA overseas. If you fit that profile, you will probably be abroad for some months, which is why you won’t have time to build your credit report there. Working with Xpats Digital will allow you to access a credit card on the currency of your country and pay everything you need to start your stay. If you finally find a job in this country and stay there, you will already have a credit report. 
  • Digital Nomads. This is a new profile that has been arising lately: young people from 25 to 35 years old, usually working remotely as freelancers. They tend to choose countries where the cost of life is lower than their country of origin. If you’re a digital nomad, you probably keep each stay under 6 months, so it is vital that you have immediate access to credit to set yourself up in every country. 
  • Career Expats. This is the typical expat profile. Usually, people from 35 to 50 years old, and they stay much longer in their countries, between 3 and 5 years. Most of them move abroad with their families, and their companies cover most of their costs. If you are in this situation, you will need credit passport to buy yourself a car, or even think about getting a mortgage to invest in real estate (first to live in, when you return to your country, to have it as an investment). 
  • Two Landers. This profile is usually a bit older, from 55 to 80 years old, and they live between two countries. Their expenses are double, both in their country of origin and in the destination. If you’re in this position, you will need to have easy access to credit in both countries and keep accounts open in both places. 

Any person that fits into these profiles will be able to enjoy immediate access to credit that we can offer. 

Why you need to get your Xpats priority access for our Global Credit Passport

Signing up for priority access brings in TONS of rewards and features that will be exclusively available for you. By signing up for it now, you will have early, free access to the credit passport for 2 years!

If you or your friends want to gain priority access, sign up here and be one of the first members to discover Xpats.Digital!

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