Benefits of being an expatriate

Choosing a destination, packing your bags and getting on the plane is just the beginning of the adventure, from here, opportunities are endless.  If you’re thinking of adopting this lifestyle, today we’ll tell you some benefits of working as an expatriate. Start this travel feeling safe and secure! Expand your cultural and professional horizons Getting […]

Is it hard to be an expat? Here are some of the challenges

is it hard to be an expat

There are several reasons why people leave their home countries to move and work abroad: either as a way to become independent or to experience the wonders of other places and cultures.  However, upon arriving at that new destination, coming to terms with your identity as a resident of unfamiliar lands can be complicated. Everyone […]

How to become an expatriate? Here’s what you need to know.

How to become an expat– what you need to know 

Leaving the comfort of living in our own country is never easy, but it is certainly worth it. Moving abroad changes our worldview and opens doors to unknown horizons that deserve to be discovered.   Today, we live in a highly connected world, and becoming an expatriate is an increasingly common idea among people. However, it […]

Three main advice to doing business in the US: How to avoid legal mistakes

Business in the USA

Let’s face it: the United States and doing business sound almost like synonyms.  The US is considered to be the cradle of entrepreneurship and a place where innovation is encouraged at every level of education: from nursery school to Colleges all over the country. Considering all this, it is fairly understandable that you may be […]