Advantages of having a travel insurance

If you’re planning your next trip, it’s the moment to make a list so you make sure you don’t miss anything: tickets, accommodations, passport (if necessary), luggage and traveler insurance. You don’t have one yet? You may want to circle back on this matter, not only because it’s mandatory in countries like: Italy, Lithuania, Germany, […]

How to make friends as an expatriate? We share you some tips

Starting the digital nomad life and move to a new country where you’ve never have been is an adaptation process. This implies getting acquaintance with your new surroundings, even getting used to the geography, the weather and new personal relationships. Establishing new bonds as an expatriate can be complicated at first, that’s why we have […]

The best jobs for digital nomads 

Best jobs for digital nomads 

Imagine working remotely and getting to know other countries; that is what digital nomads do. Instead of having a permanent base of operations, they move to various locations and can discover the world while conducting their jobs. Many are often tech-savvy, writers, marketers, or IT professionals, and all they need is a place to stay, […]

The best places to live as an expat in Mexico

The best places to live as an expat in Mexico

Mexico stands out for the warmth of its people, its beautiful landscapes, and the diverse cultures that compose it. On top of that, living in this country is not expensive since services, entertainment, and transportation are cheaper than in other countries. For this reason, many foreigners decide to visit and even stay in “the navel […]

The best countries to get a digital nomad visa 

Best countries to get a digital nomad visa

Working long-distance while traveling is already a reality. There are many destinations for digital nomads that make it easy for those who want to generate income while exploring new places.    However, working in another country, even remotely, requires special permission. For this reason, some nations offer digital nomad visas, which grant travelers to spend longer stays in their […]

Best places to visit in Mexico City

The best places to visit in Mexico City

Mexico is a country with great cultural diversity, coupled with its vast natural and historical wealth. Its exquisite cuisine has gained international recognition and its geographical location makes it a destination with an extraordinary climate. In addition, there are many tourist attractions in Mexico that make it a very attractive country.  Mexico City is the […]

The 5 (+1) best cities to celebrate Halloween.

Best 5 cities to celebrate Halloween as an expat

Have you ever wondered where the best places to spend Halloween Eve are? The 5 (+1) best cities to celebrate Halloween  Probably not.  There are five cities you should definitely check out for their Halloween celebration if you happen to live there. Even if you’ve been an expat for some years now, or if you’ve […]

Doing business in US: social tips and tricks to be as American as possible

You’ve already established your company in the United States: you’ve chosen a state in which to register the brand, you have all your taxes on track, you’ve got a Registered Agent, you already have the EIN, and you’ve probably opened your bank account (and if not, you definitely should). You have all the details and […]

4 things you should consider before “Xpating”

Things you should consider before “Xpating”

In the beginning, there was… Excitement? Anxiety? Thrill? Happiness? Sadness? Maybe all of those feelings and more? These are the 4 things to consider before travelling abroad Beginning a new chapter somewhere new is a challenge for everyone. Having almost no idea of how it’s going to be and what to expect. Before going to […]