Advantages of having a travel insurance
October 31, 2022
Advantages of having a travel insurance


If you’re planning your next trip, it’s the moment to make a list so you make sure you don’t miss anything: tickets, accommodations, passport (if necessary), luggage and traveler insurance. You don’t have one yet?

You may want to circle back on this matter, not only because it’s mandatory in countries like: Italy, Lithuania, Germany, Argentina, Jordan, United Kingdom, among others; but for the multiple benefits that contribute to the goal of just to enjoy your trip.

Accident protection

In general, car accidents are a constant risk for drivers and pedestrians, but during the holidays these increase considerably. According to a study made by ValuePenguin, accidents, just in the U.S, increase up to 40%.

In Mexico, based on data by The National Commission for The Protection and Defense of the Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), the drivers can spend between 25 and up to 50 thousand pesos, (about 1,250 and 2,500 USD) on repairs and injuries.

Civil Liability

During your trips you’re not only taking the risk of being the victim of an accident, you could also cause one. Here is where it comes to a term called “civil liability”, on insurances it means: “the damages you cause on third parts”. 

During your stay abroad a traveler insurance could be the one who has your back, whether you accidentally crash during a bicycle ride, or you stumble and hurt someone or cause damages to a business.

Emergency medical transfer, if needed

The expenses an accident provoke start running from minute zero and the use of an ambulance is not cheap. According to the prices approved by the Official Journal of Mexican Federation the cost can go from $667 MXN (40 USD, approx.) up to $7561 MXN (400 USD, approx.) on a public institution. The attention on private practice can be doubled or tripled. 

Now, keep in mind that this is just for the transfer, even if the diagnosis it’s as simple as a dental emergency. To this, we will also have to add the consultation, medicines, hospitalization, etc. Having an insurance is a protection for you against these eventualities. 

A great example is the different services Iké offers you, a company that provides solutions thinking on everything you may need while you’re abroad, like: 

  • Administrative and vehicular agency 
  • Home Assistance 
  • Trip interruption due to medical emergency 
  • Mortuary legal assistance 
  • Among others 

With Xpats you will have access to all the benefits mentioned above, so it’s time to make your bags and start the adventure. 

If you want to follow your adventurous spirit then you have to foresee possible trip interruptions. Even if you think is an unnecessary expense, better be safe than sorry. Don’t forget we have a community made for and by expats. Register here for priority access. 

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