The best places to live as an expat in Mexico
July 27, 2022
The best places to live as an expat in Mexico


Mexico stands out for the warmth of its people, its beautiful landscapes, and the diverse cultures that compose it. On top of that, living in this country is not expensive since services, entertainment, and transportation are cheaper than in other countries. For this reason, many foreigners decide to visit and even stay in “the navel of the Moon.” 

The quality of life, the ease of settling down, and the happiness it brings foreigners are characteristics that have positioned it as the second best country for expatriates. In addition, Mexico is ideal if you want to make friends since 78% of those surveyed in a study believe that it is easier to do so in this place than in other countries (InterNations, 2022).  

In this article, we share with you the best places to live in Mexico for expats.

México City  

The capital is an excellent place to live, as it has a vast educational, professional and cultural offer. It is home to some of the best universities in the country and the world, as well as most of the business and labor centers, so the CDMX offers diverse job offers and growth opportunities for expats 

If you enjoy culture and art, you’ll be able to participate in numerous activities: concerts, exhibitions, markets, plazas, museums, nightlife, and many others. In addition, the varied and exquisite gastronomy offered by this metropolis will delight you.  

Finally, although traffic can be chaotic, the CDMX offers several public transportation options to help mobility. Living in the city, you can use the subway, buses, Metrobus, trolleybus, and even bicycles, which will take you to every corner of this enormous city with many places to visit.

Mérida, Yucatán  

The Mayan City has had accelerated growth in recent years, at the level of others such as Querétaro and Guadalajara. That has made it an attractive city for people from other states and countries since it offers economic and social opportunities to its residents. 

One of its main characteristics is its tranquility since it has good urban planning, no traffic problems, and its size allows you to find what you need within walking distance.  

Above all, Merida is one of the safest cities in Mexico (INEGI, 2022) and has quality services, shopping centers, prestigious schools, and universities. Undoubtedly, living in this place is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to live in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato  

It is one of the most famous cities, thanks to its beautiful architecture, cathedral, hotels, and first-class services. It also has a privileged location since it is very close to important cities such as Leon, Queretaro, and Mexico City.  

San Miguel de Allende has received international recognition, as for two consecutive years, it was considered the Best Small City in the World in Condé Nast Traveler’s Reader’s Choice Awards. In addition, the municipality was awarded the Travel Safety Stamp by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).   

Throughout the year, San Miguel de Allende has many festivals and cultural events that you will love if you enjoy diverse artistic manifestations. That makes it an excellent place for families and people of all ages.

Monterrey, Nuevo León  

It is one of the best cities for expats in Mexico and the third largest economy since it’s one of the most important business centers, bringing together national and international companies.  

It has a strategic location because it is found to the north and borders the United States, which makes it a relevant logistical destination for business and corporate events. In addition, it has good air and land connectivity, linking with many destinations in Mexico, the United States, and the world.   

Another advantage of living in Monterrey is the diversity of recreational, cultural, and entertainment activities offered by this place. It has beautiful historical monuments and iconic landscapes like El Cerro de la Silla. As for its gastronomy, you can enjoy a delicious machaca, grilled meat, or its classic flour tortillas. Therefore, Monterrey is a great choice to live in Mexico. 

Guadalajara, Jalisco  

This city, the second most populated in Mexico, combines tradition and modernity. Living in Guadalajara has many advantages, making it a good alternative for those who want to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere without the chaos of larger cities.  

The state’s economy is in complete growth, as it is the first place nationally to create formal jobs. It is the fourth economy at the federal level, besides having good development in the industrial sector, tourism, and health, among others, making it an attractive place for local and foreign investors.   

Guadalajara stands out for the architecture of its buildings and urban landscape. Where you can appreciate colonial constructions and different architectural styles. Undoubtedly, it is a city full of culture and delicious gastronomy, making it a good place for expatriates in Mexico.  

As you can see, Mexico has many states full of history, culture, entertainment, and quality of life. We hope this list of the best places in Mexico to live abroad will help you decide where you would like to take your expat adventure.

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