How to make friends as an expatriate? We share you some tips
September 26, 2022
How to make friends as an expatriate? We share you some tips


Starting the digital nomad life and move to a new country where you’ve never have been is an adaptation process. This implies getting acquaintance with your new surroundings, even getting used to the geography, the weather and new personal relationships.

Establishing new bonds as an expatriate can be complicated at first, that’s why we have decided to bring you a couple of tips to make the mission of making friends abroad a little simpler.

First, remember that you’re living a new adventure and that gives you the chance to meet a whole bunch of people that are different from you. With another culture, customs and maybe even another language.

Do some research about the culture of the country

We could say this is a golden advice. Starting to know the culture of your destination can save you from embarrassing situations. It can even prevent you to offend someone unintentionally.

Now, there is no such thing as a special country to meet friends, but it would be so much easier to find a new group of friends if you already know, or at least have an idea, the social dynamic of the country or city you’re moving to.

Practice the language on study groups

In case you don’t speak the national language, then you have the opportunity to look, specially online, for study groups formed by locals that help foreigners to perfect and practice the language.

Learning it directly from the people who live there is a great advantage because you start to know the colloquial language, that way the conversations outside of work will be so much easier to understand.

Take advantage of social media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media, you can start to look groups or online friends that are currently living to your destination, you can use Instagram, Facebook or even some “dating apps”, many of which have a friend only searches.

Look for places that have interesting workshops

In most cities there are cultural centers where they have multiple workshops, from art to sports, it would be extremely useful that you know where they’re located, so you can connect with people that have interests in common with you.

Don’t limit yourself to activities you already like, seize the moment and try as many new things as you can. That way you will not only expand your social circle, but you may find new hobbies and passions you wouldn’t have tried any other way.

Be yourself

Without trying to sound like a cliché, the most important thing to connect with other people as an expatriate is to be loyal to your personality, because there is nothing more interesting than you.

Making friends abroad could sound scary, but we promise you that you will find people and form International friendships along the way.

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