4 things you should consider before “Xpating”
September 2, 2021
4 things you should consider before “Xpating”


In the beginning, there was… Excitement? Anxiety? Thrill? Happiness? Sadness? Maybe all of those feelings and more? These are the 4 things to consider before travelling abroad

Beginning a new chapter somewhere new is a challenge for everyone. Having almost no idea of how it’s going to be and what to expect. Before going to the honeymoon, the cultural shock, the adaptation, and the adjustment phases, what happens?

Before packing and being ready for the new start is that one step that might be nerve-wracking: deciding and preparing for the journey. Thinking about visas, permits, travel options, accommodation. And at the same time cancelling all your services at what is your current home: cellphone contract, internet at home, some subscription to some service that you actually never used and, of course, banking.

That ‘in between’ moment, meaning deciding and getting into the action of moving, of becoming an  XPAT, might be keeping some of us in what some may call the comfort zone.  At XPATS we’ve been through the process, we’ve mastered the change individually and have gone through all of it. We’ve gotten out of our comfort zone because it wasn’t good enough anymore. We want to help you out of it so it becomes easier, not only one time but every time that you decide to have a change in your life and your environment.

These are the 4 things to consider before travelling abroad

A place to rest.

It would be ideal to already have a house before you leave your first country yet, it’s not really realistic. Yet, it is a top priority to have a place where you can leave your things, gather up when you have no idea what you are doing, and give you the chance to choose a good new home. The common prospect is Airbnb but there are also short-term rentals in almost every country as well as apart-hotels. Before signing in anything or even giving money, take your time to see the place first. Sadly, house scammers are becoming more common than before.

Cellphones and decent wifi will always make a difference.

It will make you feel connected. Yet again, before you get yourself involved in a contract, use a prepaid card. Getting out of contracts might be more complicated than leaving the country. Here is a site we highly recommend to gather information on Wifi accessibility, cost of living and everything expats! Checkout Nomadlist.


Before you embark on the next journey, get international insurance so you can feel at ease in any situation. It will be easier to change insurance once you are settled than start with nothing. Find out the best quotes, options and customised insurance options here.

Get a bank account that is flexible.

This is one of the biggest pain points of ‘eXpating’ and even though Xpats Card is still in the making, we suggest taking a look at the neobanks that are giving more flexibility to the administration of your money between countries and with less cost.  Yet, we will still invite you to join our newsletter so you know when our Card will be available for you!

If you want to know more about avoiding the 7 most common financial mistakes that Xpats make, head to this article.

What are your recommendations before moving?

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