Every traveler’s dream come true. Xpats is a global travel buddy for the smart and the savvy.

Xpats is a 360 degree banking, relocation and community service provider for the ones who travel boldly. We are committed to making living abroad a tailored, smart and cost-efficient experience, empowering the global community of Expats and the generation of Remote Workers.

Xpats is built for Expats by Expats with 25+ years of experience living abroad. We really do feel your pain.

Be the first ones ton join the global revolution. Get a priority access to our services and be the first ones to know, judge and build the platform with us. Enjoy a lifetime of support, banking services, specialized credit and debit cards and zero subscription fees for two years!

Pre-arrival bank account opening

Three geographies, one account and a global credit score passport.

BODY 1 US, Europe or Mexico, open your bank account in your destination country, at the comfort of your home. Enjoy a seamless 5-min procedure and start building your credit score with our global credit-score passport from day 1.

Pre-approved credit card AND balance

Live like a local from day one with Xpats credit and debit cards.

BODY 1 Enjoy every second of your abroad experience with high-limit credit card that lets you spend like a local.

S1. Re-locate, immerse and feel like home.

Connect with Xpats concierge at every step of the way.

BODY 1, Data service, insurance, accommodation, travel or even the best parties in town! Xpats concierge will be like a travel companion you’ve never had. Enjoy your tailor-made yet abundant marketplace of all the essential services you need as an expat.

Complete experience of your destination country

Make friends and families for a life-time.

B1 Make yourself feel home with massive networking and socializing experiences through Xpats. Live your life in the destination country like you belong there.